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Your home will likely be the greatest financial investment you’ll ever make. With the help of the best real estate agents in Houston, it can also be your wisest. Give yourself every opportunity to come out on top by working with JR Realty Partners.

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Buying a home is more than just finding the right property. You need an expert who understands the local market and the unique challenges it faces. We here at JR Realty Partners have the strategies, resources, and tools to guide you from start to finish, seamlessly.


A curated shopping experience with recommendations specifically tailored to meet or excess your expectations.


Curated house-hunting process & only invest your attention in properties that actually meet your requirements.


Work with an agent who has the knowledge and remarkable experience in the local market, with  decades of experience.

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  • Where do you want to buy property?

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  • Have you bought or sold a home in the past?

  • If yes, how long ago and where?

  • Do you need to sell a property before you can purchase another?

  • Are you currently in a lease?

  • If yes, when does it expire?

  • How soon do you want/need to be in a new home?

  • Are you interested in a new home, a resale home, or both?

  • Do you or any members of your family have any disabilities, conditions, or other circumstances that would require specific home features?

  • If yes, which features do you or your family members require?

  • Have you arranged financing yet?

  • Do you need assistance in locating financing?

  • Have you been pre-qualified, pre-approved, or otherwise informed as to what your maximumrnpurchase amount is?

  • If yes, what amount have you been pre-qualified/pre-approved for?

  • If yes, will your financial company issue a pre-qualified/pre-approval letter stating thisrnamount?

  • Do you have enough funds in your account to cover earnest money (typically 1 percent of thernpurchase price)?

  • What monthly payment range would you feel comfortable with?

  • Will you require down payment assistance?

  • What style of home would you prefer?

  • Are stairs acceptable?

  • Is a master bathroom important to you?

  • If yes, which would your prefer:

  • What square footage do you prefer?

  • Do you want a basement?

  • If yes, which style?

  • Is air conditioning important to you?

  • Open floor plan?

  • An office or study?

  • Formal Dining Room?

  • Patio/deck?

  • Do you want a garage?

  • If yes, how many garage spaces?

  • If yes, do you want a heated garage?

  • What size lot would you prefer?

  • Is mature landscaping important to you?

  • Are there any other specific features that were not addressed in this questionnaire that you wouldrnlike to be factored into your property search?

  • Are you currently working with another real estate agent?

  • Are you in an Exclusive Buyer Agency Contract with another agent?