A little about me

I am Ebony Johnson.

I am a Texas native, a graduate of Kashmere Senior High School in Houston, and a Proud member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 1999...Whoop!

I was born in Houston, TX.
I was Blessed to spend a significant amount of my childhood with my great-grandparents in San Augustine and Normangee, Texas.
Their contributions to my life are the foundation of my existence.

Through them, my grandparents, and my parents, I learned that life isn't about how much you can accomplish, but how you use those accomplishments to be a Blessing to others.

I was taught to help the people around me, give back to my community, and make a positive contribution to my society. 

I am the youngest of 5 children, so those family values are deeply rooted!

Later in life, I was anointed and appointed to be a foster parent.

While licensed through TXDFPS, I adopted a sibling group of five in an effort to allow them to meet each other and grow into adulthood with a natural sibling bond.
I faced lots of challenges while nurturing them as a single parent.
However, the Calling on my life was just as Rewarding!

I would do it a million more times if God says so!

In addition to real estate, I am an entrepreneur and a full-time Special Education
Teacher in Spring ISD, now a B-rated District by the Texas Education Agency.

My hobbies are traveling, swimming, and spending time with my children, grandchildren, dog, turtle, and guinea pig.

Real Estate has always been one of my deepest passions.

After working as a Loan Originator for a few years, I decided to get my real estate license, because I wanted to work closer with my clients throughout their home-buying process.
I've found that witnessing their dreams come true and representing them in the process is the Blessing that keeps on giving!

I became a Realtor in 2016.
My background includes Investment strategies and rehab projects, real estate development, Property Management, contract negotiation, buyer representation, and lease agreements.

My strength lies in Asset Management and Buyer Representation.
I have knowledge of governmental voucher programs, as well as the laws, rules, and regulations that govern such programs.

Whether you need assistance with investing, buying, selling, leasing, or just want to say hi, reach out to me.

I am a part of a Team of professionals that work together for the betterment of Everyone.

The tradesmen, designers, lenders, brokers, credit repair personnel, and attorneys that I network with have many years of experience.

Rest assured, if I can't do it, I know someone who can!